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Amara Dental

Location Serving

St. Mary's, Calvert, and Prince Georges counties

The following offices are open for Essential Care Only until further notice due to the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Charlotte Hall, Solomon’s Island & Dunkirk with hours of operation of Monday through Friday from 8:00AM – 4:00PM. 

We will be seeing patients that have Essential Care needs only. New Emergency patients are welcome. Please call before coming in. 

Essential treatment is loosely defined below. Call us to see if you should be seen. 

Essential Treatment Only – We are currently defining Essential Treatment as follows:


1. Anyone in pain

2. Active infections

3. Swelling/Cellulitis

4. Crown Seats/Temps off

5. Unfinished Root Canals

6. Broken Denture/Denture follow-up

7. Any cracked, broken or chipped tooth

8. Lesions

9. Sensitivity as it pertains to one’s ability to comfortably eat/drink

10. Loose implant, crown, bridge, etc.

11. Periodontal patients who express concerns based on personal risk factors

12. Any patient that states they NEED to see a dentist


It is our sincere hope that by providing operating hours for essential care we will help alleviate any undue burden on the local emergency departments at the hospitals.